Photo Critiques and Portfolio Reviews

gallery nrc offers portfolio reviews for photographers who would like feedback on their work whether it is complete or an project in process using the phone, Skype or Zoom. When bringing work for a review it should consist of a body of work with a common theme. Your images can consist of 10-20 images or a small grouping where we can dive in on some processing approaches for the images.


Photo Critique Sessions

Sessions take place throughout the year and are a great way to introduce your work to the gallery. The intention of these reviews are for photographers to get feedback on their work. While the work being reviewed is not being considered for the gallery at the time of the review, it is recommended the work shown at these reviews is artwork suitable for a gallery and not a portfolio for commercial work.

Currently run one hour and may be purchased in the following groupings. Multiple sessions may be used over time by one person, or shared amongst a group of friends. All sessions are one-on-one facilitated.

  • 1 Hour Session: $75
  • 1 Hour Session (2 Times): $120
  • 1 Hour Session (3 Times): $160
  • 1 Hour Session (5 Times): $250

Whether you have been photographing for years or are new the critique session is a process to receive feedback on your work. All reviews are subjective and you may not always hear the responses you are looking for from the process. However it is a great opportunity to show your work and become comfortable presenting your work.

During these sessions we explore in a one-on-one setting at your images and discuss some of the following:

  • How you see and compose a photograph, and how to improve
  • How to shoot more interesting images
  • How to choose the best image out of a series
  • What makes a photo “good,” why one “works” and another does not
  • Why the rules don’t matter
  • What do your images communicate?
  • How to have your images stand out from others

To schedule a session, contact gallery nrc.