Mobile Phone Juried Show

The Mobile Phone Juried Show received nearly two hundred entries from around the world. Three jurors selected over thirty images to be a part of the show which features the work from one of the most common cameras of today, the mobile phone. The diverse images submitted showed the possibilities with a phone which is with you almost all of the time.


Mobile Phone Show - Daniel Berman

Image copyright Daniel Berman


On Friday October 7, 2011 gallery nrc will host an opening reception for the show. The reception will be held from 6:00-10:00PM at the gallery which is located at 4424 Tennyson Street. During some of the photographers will be on hand to discuss their images and provide further insight to the work selected to be a part of the show.

Three jurors with diverse backgrounds review the images submitted.

Ahron R. Foster
Based in New York City, Ahron R. Foster is a photographer who specializes in shooting musicians. His performance photos are evocative of the musicians’ style and capture the spontaneity and energy of live concerts. His portraits range from the frankly biographical to the more specifically thematic work typical of CD cover art and packaging.

Kelly Schurger
Raised in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee, contemporary landscape painter Kelly Schurger spent much of her time growing up doodling as she explored her love for art. After deciding that her future was with art, Kelly received formal training in both Tennessee and Illinois. Having lived in some beautiful and some bland places, her inspiration is whatever the surroundings may be. These days so much of our lives are tied up in details, that too often we miss out on some of the more simplistic beauty that surrounds us… be it a cloudy day, a grove of trees, or the setting of the sun. In each piece Kelly uses a unique blend of color and texture to set her landscapes apart from the masses, reminding people that beauty is always around us, no matter our surroundings.

Paul Trantow
Paul Trantow is a Denver-based professional business and advertising photographer. After earning a degree in film in southern California, Paul began working in both video and photography when he settled in Denver in 1995. He currently shoots ad campaigns, annual reports, business portraits and film stills for clients like Qwest, Xcel Energy, Gaiam, and The US Dept.’s of Energy and Commerce


The exhibition runs from September 30, 2011 – October 22, 2011.