5th Annual Community Show Registration

Eligibility: Photographers of all levels are eligible to participate in the show.

Duration:  The show runs from December 5, 2013 to December 28, 2013.

Entry Fees: There is a fee to show work for this show which is $30 for one piece and $55 for two. In addition work which is sold during the show will be charged a commission rate of thirty (30) percent which should be included in the selling price as indicated by the artist. Individuals may also bring matted pieces to display in the bins at the gallery. This is limited to five pieces for each piece which is displayed on the wall. (i.e. if you show two pieces at the gallery you may have up to ten pieces in the bins for sale.)

Liability: While utmost care will be given to all pieces, gallery nrc is not responsible for any loss or damage during the installation, display or return of artwork. The artist is responsible for the delivery of all work to the gallery.

Artwork Requirements: Pieces must be provided ready to hang at the gallery. Those images which do not have the required hardware will not be included in the show. No refunds will be provided for the fee in this case as well. Finished pieces may not be larger than 30 inches on the longest dimension. If a provided piece is greater than 30 inches on the longest side it will not be a part of the show and a refund of the entry fee will not be provided.

Content: There is no specific requirement for the content of photographs which a photographer may include in the show. However, the Tennyson Street Art Walk attracts a wide range of ages and content should be appropriate for all ages. It is up to the discretion of gallery nrc if a piece is not appropriate for the show. If a photographer has a question regarding a piece, feel free to prior to entering the show.

Delivery of Artwork: The artwork shall be delivered to the gallery at the specified times on Tuesday December 3, 2013. If an artist is unable to meet this timeframe
they should contact the gallery directly. The artwork must be ready to hang on the wall and include a selling price as well as information about the piece.

Additional Detatils: Once a photographer registers for a space at the gallery, additional information will be provided to the artist which includes some additional dates to provide information to the gallery. If you would have any additional questions please contact the gallery.

Refunds: By submitting payment at this time you are reserving a space in the show. Once a space is reserved refunds will not be provided.



The 5th Annual Community Show is full at this time.  Please contact the gallery to be placed on the waiting list.