FAQ on Closing of gallery nrc

Since the announcement of the closing of gallery nrc at the beginning of January I had some questions asked and thought I would share these with everyone.

Why is the gallery closing?

gallery nrc has been on Tennyson Street for five years and we have seen the street change over that time.  Initially there were upwards of 20 galleries on the street and these numbers have declined in the past couple of years. Additionally, Neil is going to concentrate more attention to his work which will also impact the availability of the gallery.  We still promote the galleries and studios here on Tennyson and look forward to see what the future holds in northwest Denver.


Is gallery nrc moving to a new location?

At this time there is no plan to move gallery nrc to a new location, however this does not mean it is something which is ruled out in the future.  We are not actively looking for a new location for gallery nrc, however the location on Tennyson Street is something which wasn’t planned either.


Is there a closing reception?

Yes. This will take place on Thursday January 16th at the gallery from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM.  At that time there will also be select artwork on sale.


What is the Buy Bye Art Sale?

This is an event put on by Metro Frame Works and gallery nrc.  On Saturday January 25th and Sunday January 26th select artwork will be up to 75% off the original price.  This includes photography as well as other media which has been on display at 44T.  It is recommended to show up early for the best selection.


What is the status of the Art Walk on Tennyson Street?

The art walk on Tennyson continues.  Yes there are less galleries than five years ago, however right at 44th and Tennyson is a great place to visit.  Check out the Denver Art Walk website for more details on what is happening each month.


Neil, what will you be doing now?

I will be continuing to focus on my photography and grow my business.  With the gallery closing it does not mark the end of photography for me.  You can keep up to date with my work at Neil Corman Photography as well as Facebook.


What if someone is interested in work I had on display at the gallery?

The gallery nrc website will remain at this time, however the social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter will be removed as they would be inactive.  If there is an inquiry about a specific piece of work from an artist the contact will be coordinated between the prospective buyer and artist.  A list of artwork which has been on display over the past five years will still remain internally to help facilitate the contact.  In addition a list of artists who have shown at the gallery is available on the gallery nrc website.


What will happen to the space currently occupied by gallery nrc?

At this time there have been some inquiries with the property management company on the space, in addition to people on the waiting list.  This is something which will be coordinate by those parties and not gallery nrc.  If you would like the information on the property management company please let us know.


Does this mean the end of the Mobile Phone Show?

No. We are working with T Gallery at MODesTEA to transition the show to this location.  Look for more information this summer.


Do you have suggestions on other places to show in Denver?

There are many options within Denver to show work.  Some great resources include the Denver Gallery Guide as well as the Denver Arts website.  If you have any questions, let us know.