3rd Annual Mobile Phone Images Juried Show Artist Information

Update: September 24th


Update: September 10th

Show promotion:

The gallery promotes shows using press releases and contacts it has made over the years here in Denver.  However there are also ways you can help out the gallery promote the show.

  • Help promote the Facebook Event for the artist reception
  • Like the gallery nrc Facebook page and share with friends
  • Blog about the show.  Thanks to Michael Housewright for doing so already.  Even if you live outside of Denver you never know who may follow your work.
  • Pick up some postcards when dropping off your work.
  • E-mail blast for show will be sent on Monday September 30th to subscribers.


Shipping and Drop-off of Artwork:

  • A second date has been added for artwork dropoff.  You may stop by the gallery on Monday September 23rd from 12pm – 4pm or Tuesday September 25th from 1pm – 6pm.
  • If you are shipping your artwork to the gallery please notify us with the carrier you are using as well as a tracking number.


End of September 10th Updates 


Congratulations on having your work selected to be part of the Mobile Phone Juried Show.  We look forward to seeing your work in the gallery and have provided the following guidelines to help with the process.

Upcoming Dates:
It is your responsibility to meet the following deadlines.

  • September 14th – Artwork information sheets are required to be submitted.
  • September 14th – High resolution image to be provided for show catalog.
  • September 23rd – Images delivered to the gallery for those in Colorado.  The gallery will be open 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • September 24th  – Images delivered to the gallery for those in Colorado.  The gallery will be open 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • September 23rd – 24th – Shipped images must be received at the gallery.  Please refrain from having images arrive outside these dates. Please notify the gallery upon shipping with carrier and tracking number.
  • September 26th – Show Opens
  • Friday October 4th  – Artist Reception (6-10PM)
  • October 19th  – Closing Date
  • October 21st – Images not sold are available to be picked from 1:00 PM – 5:00PM.  Please contact the gallery to make other arrangements if needed.
  • October 22nd – Images not sold and with proper packaging and shipping information will be shipped back at your expense.  The gallery uses FedEx ground for shipments.

If you reside outside of the United States please contact the gallery if you would like to explore different options for getting your to the gallery.



Image Requirements:

  • Pieces must be provided ready to hang at the gallery. Those images that do not have the required hardware will not be included in the show/
  • Frames with sawtooth hangers are not acceptable.
  • Finished pieces may not be larger than 20 inches on the longest dimension. If a provided piece is greater than 20 inches on the longest side it will not be a part of the show.
  • The finished piece should be of archival quality.  Artwork not presented in a high quality may not be included in the show.  Additionally if the image is noticeably different then what was submitted for the jury process, it will not be displayed.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging for the piece is well taken care of using bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard.  These pieces will be marked and used for the return of your piece if needed.


Display of Artwork

  • In addition to the framed piece it is encouraged you have matted pieces of your selected piece.  These pieces may be varying sizes and should be in archival matboard.  You are limited to three bin pieces for each accepted work, and only work accepted as part of the show may be included in the bins.
  • If you are in the Denver area, gallery nrc partners with Metro Frame Works on the preparation of framed pieces as well as matted pieces.  If you would like to use these services, please contact the gallery or Metro Work Frames directly and inquire about the artists packs for matted prints to be displayed at gallery nrc.
  • If you are outside of the Denver area and would like the gallery to handle the matting and framing of the print, please contact the gallery prior to August 30th.  The gallery will not print images at this time, as many photographers have personal preferences to the paper their work is printed with for a show.
  • The gallery will retain a 30% commission on any artwork or matted work is sold.  Payment will be sent to the artist at the end of the show.


Return of Artwork:

  • For pieces not sold during the show, the work will be returned via FedEx Ground at your pre-paid expense.  If you would like to use another carrier, please provide pre-paid shipping labels.
  • If your shipping materials are not reusable an email will be sent notifying you that new packaging is needed.  Any packaging that must be purchased will be billed to you in addition to a packaging fee of $20.
  • You may also select to donate your work to a local Colorado non-profit organization.  If you choose this option, the gallery will provide the your contact information to the entity as well.
  • The artist is responsible for the terms and conditions of any shipping company they select to use.


Use Rights
The gallery may select some images to use on the website and printed materials for the promotion of the show.  These images will be selected from the accepted pieces. You grant gallery nrc the right to use images for the purpose of marketing the exhibition and display on the website of past exhibitions without further contact or compensation from the gallery.


While utmost care will be given to all pieces, gallery nrc is not responsible for any loss or damage during the installation, display or return of artwork. The artist is responsible for the delivery of all work to the gallery.